Coaching and training
Rebuild Your Life | Reinvent Your Career

If you want to do more tomorrow than you did today, you should consider a coach.
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Individual and Group Coaching

Individual coaching is designed to create change in your personal life. When necessary, group coaching helps people understand and learn how to work with others.

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Personal growth and Habits

Changes to the self and growing as a person is a process. It requires work. Research has shown there are only 6 key areas of consistent focus to create change that truly makes a difference.

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Career Performance and Change

There are many reasons you might be ready for a career change - stress, injury, trauma, boredom, a desire to make a difference and desiring more time or money...

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High Performing Organisations
Leaders and Top Teams

Turn potential into performance. Training and coaching solutions to equip your employees with the habits and mindset that drives results

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Better People Blog

Tools and tips, resources and research to understand and build your life
... and find satisfaction.

  • Growth After Trauma

    Post Traumatic Growth is positive psychological change that occurs after a struggle with a highly challenging, stressful and traumatic event.

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  • Fear and Loathing

    The good news is you can rebuild - today's rapid pace of change creates endless opportunities. Do you have the determination to step up?

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  • Performance Habits

    High performance habits are deliberate habits that can be learned. Consistently applied they build well being and success over time.

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  • Embrace the Pain

    Once the fog begins to clear from a traumatic event, you might suddenly realise you have no idea who you are! What happened and what now?

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  • How's the Serenity

    Coaching is a professional relationship to help you bridge the gap between you are now and where you want to be and helps produce extraordinary results in your life.

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  • Reinvent your Career

    Recovering from trauma can sometimes mean retraining or reinventing your career. This can be challenging and yet it can be achieved.

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So what happened?

Insights and resources for neuroplasticity, post traumatic growth and resilience... and backed by science.

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Speaking and Workshops

Karl can present on stage, to community groups and virtually on post traumatic growth, personal change and rebuilding after loss and trauma.